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  • specialist ebike suppliers

  • specialist ebike suppliers

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  • shuttle action 4 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

    E-Bikes Around the World

    Though it may be safe to say that e-Bikes are universally growing in popularity, it would seem that in the west, each countries governance has vastly differing opinions of them. Just last week, the house and senate of Washington State (USA) passed legislation that greatly restricts e-Bike use. More precisely the bill does not allow… read more »

  • cassette 2 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

    E-Bike Specific Groupsets

    The market for e-Bikes seems to be in a constant growth phase right now, with more and companies entering the market, we are starting to see a whole plethora of interesting products. Innovation in e-Bikes is not the only way that brands tying to create a buzz, e-Bike specific components seem to be the product… read more »

  • sag m - Electric Bikes & eBikes

    E-Bike Suspension

    The additional weight of the electronics in combination with the motor’s torque may lead to e-Bikes requiring a slightly different approach to suspension set-up. With that in mind should e-Bikers run slightly less sag? We think so. The average rider may be looking at anywhere from 20-30% sag for the setup of their conventional mountain… read more »