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  • Blog Post img1 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

    E-MTB Tyres

    The e-MTB world offers a new market for mountain bike tyre manufacturers to develop products. That said, the first pedal assisted mountain bikes featured regular tyres which are deemed as entirely suitable to this day. In addition to regular rubber, modern ‘plus’ sized tyres have made what could be considered a resurgence, that is if… read more »

  • Atom X Camp Antonio Ortiz2 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

    E-MTB Suspension Travel

    Nowadays e-Bikes are available with just as many suspension travel options as conventional cycles, from hardtails to 8 inch travel downhill bikes, the choices are becoming endless. Besides the fact that hardtail bikes have less componentry and are therefore easier to maintain, the decision of which which will be most suitable comes down predominantly to… read more »

  • csm Bosch eBike uphillflow trail5 69ebf23e1b 1 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

    The Big 4 e-MTB Motors

    In the world of pedal assisted e-Bikes, when it comes to motors, there are four main competitors, Bosch, Brose, Shimano & Yamaha. On paper, in compliance with the current rules, each motor is very similar. Just browsing online or even reading in-depth, it would be very difficult to make out substantial differences between them. However,… read more »