Bosch Technology

The modern components and the freedom in design of the Bosch drive systems represent the foundation for a diverse choice from the bike manufacturers – regardless if it is a mountain bike, trekking, city, or a touring bike.

activeline - Electric Bikes & eBikesActive Line

  • Quiet Cruising: A lightweight, quiet Bosch motor provides even more riding enjoyment without annoying extraneous noises.
  • Carefree cruising: The innovative drive concept allows for a very light drive unit, weighing only 2.9 kg.
  • Cleaner eBike Look: The new Active Line drive unit is 25% smaller than before and, thanks to its compact size, allows improved integration within the bicycle frame.
  • Relaxation on tour: The intelligent 3-sensor concept takes more than 1,000 measurements per second to ensure a harmonious power characteristic.
  • Harmonious riding experience: Experience harmonious acceleration with minimum pedal resistance when switched off or at over 25 km/h.
  • Award-winning design: Bosch sets new standards with flowing shapes and harmonious lines. The new Active Line has already won a Red Dot Design Award.

performance speed - Electric Bikes & eBikesPerformance Line

Whether trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting: The sporty Performance Line is the perfect choice for ambitious eBikers. The finely balanced, high-performance system with a maximum torque

of 63 Nm transforms eBikers into explorers and adventurers and provides the required power at any moment. Look forward to even more fun in the saddle – up to 25 km/h with the Performance Cruise drive unit or up to 45 km/h with the Speed model.

  • Max. Torque: Sporty dynamic support of up to 63 Nm provides more power during start-up, aiding powerful riding in any situation.
  • Max. drive: The drive unit provides strong support at low cadences, for example for more power on hill starts.
  • Drive Unit: Sporty dynamic support in two variants: Cruise (25 km/h) and Speed (45 km/h).

performancelien - Electric Bikes & eBikesPerformance CX

With a maximum torque of 75 Nm, the Performance Line CX is the ideal drive for ambitious and demanding eBikers. In eMTB mode, you always receive the required power – from Tour to Turbo. Up to 300% of perfectly delivered support, incredible dynamism and unique grip provide the best possible support on all terrains, as well as improved start-up behavior. The progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual’s riding style, so there is no need to change support modes in eMTB mode.

  • Max. torque: With a torque of up to 75 Nm. For sporty acceleration even in alpine terrain, without changing gear.
  • Max. drive: Lasting support for riders enables powerful drive, fast sprints and a very sporty riding style.
  • Drive Unit: Assistance up to 25 km/h. No overheating, even during long ascentBatteries



The PowerPack 300 provides reliable and long-lasting energy storage without memory effect and with minimal self-discharge. Frame batteries are constructed so that the PowerPack sits close to the centre of your eBike, which provides greater stability. The rack battery variant is used for wheels with a low entry point. Regardless of where the battery is mounted, it can be easily removed and charged at the nearest power socket. The PowerPack 300 is included as a frame or rack battery for all product lines. As a rack battery, PowerPack 300 is available only in combination with Active Line and Active Line Plus.

Powerpack 217x300 - Electric Bikes & eBikes400

Whether visiting friends, enjoying a country bike ride in the fresh air or doing some errands with the eBike: PowerPack 400 delivers the energy required. The light lithium-ion battery is easy to install or remove or can simply be charged using the charging socket on the eBike. Its long life, ergonomic design and ease of handling means the PowerPack 400 provides reliable support that is strong on performance. The PowerPack 400 is included as a frame or rack battery for all product lines.


The Bosch PowerPack 500 is the same size as and only slightly heavier than the PowerPack 400 but extends the range. The Lithium-ion battery requires about two hours to charge 50% and the PowerPack 500 takes approx. 4.5 hours to charge with the Bosch Standard Charger. In favourable conditions, charged and with the Performance Line Cruise in the mix, tours of up to 90 kilometres are possible. The PowerPack 500 is available for all product lines as a frame or rack battery.

PowerTube 500

Power Tube 300x169 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

With the PowerTube 500, Bosch offers a battery that fits perfectly inside the frame and that can be installed horizontally or vertically. Minimalist design opens up new possibilities for integration into the frame for bike manufacturers. The battery is concealed and perfectly protected by the frame. A convenient function means that the battery pops approx. 2 cm out of the frame when unlocked, making it easier to take hold of. In addition, a safety mechanism prevents the battery from falling out. The battery is also optimally protected by the frame. Recesses in the top surface are suitable for attaching bottle holders or design trims.

Purion Display 300x243 - Electric Bikes & eBikesDisplays


Compact purist. You can focus on the essentials and get all important information at a click of your thumb: the Purion on-board computer operates with maximum efficiency and precision.

  • Clear display
  • Optimal readability
  • Service interval display
  • eBike diagnostics using USB
  • Focus on what matters


Intuvia 300x241 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

Clever and clearly arranged. Intuvia guarantees easy and intuitive control of your eBike. The display remains clearly visible under all lighting conditions. The separate control unit allows you to keep your hands safely on the handlebar and you are guaranteed a clear view of all riding data at all times. Always ride in the right gear using the gear shift indicator: this reduces battery consumption and increases your range.

  • Maximum ease of use
  • Also functions when taken off.
  • Good readability
  • USB interface can be used as a charger (e.g. for smartphone)
  • Service interval display


Connect Your Way

Nyon is more than just an on-board computer. Together with the web portal and smartphone app, Nyon offers next generation eBike connectivity. With new map data, a redesigned keyboard layout, additional route planning features, altitude display and improved presentation of individual sports performance, Nyon is once again the front-runner for eBike on-board computers.

Nyon 300x196 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

  • Route planning
  • Intuitive route changes
  • Altitude display in the navigation screen
  • DualBattery display
  • New keypad layout
  • Displays current energy consumption