E-Bike Enduro. The Next Step In Mountain Bike Racing?

                    We all know that mountain bike enduro is one the toughest categories of cycling. Steep, long climbs coupled with hair-raising downhill sections all in one event. However, technology now present in modern e-Mountain Bikes has reached a standard that is now compatible with the discipline…. read more »

E-Bike Specific Saddles. Are They a Necessity?

E-Bike specific components have been trickling into the market for a few years now and while drivetrain components such as tougher steel chains are easily justifiable, what about saddles? Brands such as Selle Royal must believe in the idea as they have recently brought to market a saddle designed purely for eBike use. While we… read more »

Optimising Your eBikes Performance

While many manufacturers, especially those incorporating crank drive systems into their models may have been able to create a product that is not dissimilar to a conventional bike (in-fact in 2018 you may have to do a double take to realise that the bike that just passed you was an eBike) they may still require… read more »

Five Reasons to Ride an eBike

While the great majority of Europe has embraced the concept with open arms, there is seemingly a relative cynicism towards eBikes in Britain. (Often some of the fiercest critics are yet to ride one) One thing is for sure, they are here to stay. With that in mind we thought it may be good idea… read more »

e-Road Bikes

It would seem that in the off-road & mountain bike market, eBikes are gradually starting to gain real traction (no pun intended). However, while the last couple of years have seen a large increase in cycling brands that feature a full on drop bar e-Road Bike in their line-up, they are seemingly yet to take… read more »

Shimano’s 2018 STEPS MTB Firmware

This year’s Eurobike show saw Shimano displaying what is to be on offer from the Japanese brand in 2018. Shimano also unveiled their new firmware which allows the individual user to customize the characteristics of each riding mode within the STEPS eBike system. This put simply will enable each rider to use their tablet or… read more »

The Bosch eMTB Mode

E-Bike riders may be aware that this summer Bosch released their eMTB update. Designed to deliver ideal levels of assistance without the rider having to constantly shift between different modes, the eMTB update varies the motor’s output between the original ‘Tour’ and ‘Turbo’ modes. The idea of eMTB is to take the mountain bike rider’s… read more »