E-MTB Suspension Travel

Nowadays e-Bikes are available with just as many suspension travel options as conventional cycles, from hardtails to 8 inch travel downhill bikes, the choices are becoming endless. Besides the fact that hardtail bikes have less componentry and are therefore easier to maintain, the decision of which which will be most suitable comes down predominantly to… read more »

The Big 4 e-MTB Motors

In the world of pedal assisted e-Bikes, when it comes to motors, there are four main competitors, Bosch, Brose, Shimano & Yamaha. On paper, in compliance with the current rules, each motor is very similar. Just browsing online or even reading in-depth, it would be very difficult to make out substantial differences between them. However,… read more »

E-MTB, More Downhill

  Mountain bike trails on an electrical assist bike can really be transformed into an entirely different experience. Imagine the fact that many climbs can take quite literally half the time and you quickly get an idea of just how much more time can be spent riding downhill. This shortened ascension time coupled with reduced… read more »

The Pivot Shuttle

Only a few years ago it may have been considered somewhat unthinkable to think a bespoke bicycle manufacturer such as Pivot Cycles to be the producer of an e-Bike. However, fast forward to today and we are presented with the Shuttle e-MTB with a sense of who else but Pivot to put together this masterful… read more »

E-Bike Riding Style

Those who have ridden an e-Bike off-road or on a trail will be able to explain right away just how different the rider’s approach needs to be, especially if they are looking to get the most out their machine. Firstly, let’s start with climbing, this may be the most obvious difference from a conventional bike… read more »

Strava & E-Bikes

Many years after their initial release and while in increasing popularity, it would seem that there are still a number of riders who cannot stand e-Mountain bikes. Perhaps one of their reasons for this could be the social networking app Strava. While Strava is designed to be a platform for sharing and connecting with other… read more »

Why E-Bikes are Great for Commuters

Those who join the rush hour commute everyday will have undoubtedly noticed an increase in people who are now commuting by assisted cycle. But why pick a bike with a motor to commute with, you may as well ride a motorbike right? Wrong. The word assisted means exactly that. In the UK, road legal e-Bikes… read more »

E-Bikes & Government Subsidies

Here in the UK the Office for Low Emission Vehicles offers grants to those who purchase a new electric car or motorbike. However there are no government subsidies to those purchasing a new e-Bike, even if that e-Bike is their only mode of transport. This stance on e-powered cycles is complete contradiction to most of… read more »

E-Bikes Around the World

Though it may be safe to say that e-Bikes are universally growing in popularity, it would seem that in the west, each countries governance has vastly differing opinions of them. Just last week, the house and senate of Washington State (USA) passed legislation that greatly restricts e-Bike use. More precisely the bill does not allow… read more »

E-Bike Specific Groupsets

The market for e-Bikes seems to be in a constant growth phase right now, with more and companies entering the market, we are starting to see a whole plethora of interesting products. Innovation in e-Bikes is not the only way that brands tying to create a buzz, e-Bike specific components seem to be the product… read more »