Five Reasons to Ride an eBike

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While the great majority of Europe has embraced the concept with open arms, there is seemingly a relative cynicism towards eBikes in Britain. (Often some of the fiercest critics are yet to ride one)
One thing is for sure, they are here to stay. With that in mind we thought it may be good idea to highlight five great reasons to ride an eBike.

1. They are incredibly enjoyable to ride
Put plain and simply, eBikes are great fun. Whether it is your first time on an eBike or you ride one every day, one thing is undeniable, they make riding a bike more entertaining than ever before. Having run a number of demo events at local trail centres, we are yet to have seen a returning rider without a huge smile on their face. It is is a hard to describe sensation that comes from the first pedal stroke when riding an eBike, it is as though life has suddenly become supercharged, the element of enjoyability especially.

2. Autonomy – cover more distance in the same amount of time
The next thought that develops when it comes to riding an eBike is the ability they offer the user to ride further in less time. While we may all be aware of great sense of freedom that cycling gives us, electrical assist bikes take it to a whole new level. Some may say that the battery is a limiting factor, however with the capacity and capabilities of modern eBike quite the opposite is true. Rather than avoiding to travel to all the most exciting sections that the local area has to offer, perhaps for fear of not making it back before dark or becoming too exhausted to enjoy them once there, the electrical assistance pushes the rider to go further and connect more trails than ever before. The e-powered bike could be considered like the fast forward button on a television remote, it allows you to skip the ads and expend more of your time on enjoying highlights.

3. Riders with disabilities
Whether it is a knee injury, a respiratory concern or any other existing condition, pedal assisted bikes are getting riders who otherwise may not be out riding back on track and enjoying exercise. Let’s face it, all of us are going to are going to encounter some form of physically limiting factors in our lives. While we can hope that those issues may be acute, that is not always the case.

Over a relativity short period of time we have experienced a number of positive comments from eBike riders who would not otherwise have been able to be out cycling, at least not without considerable hardship or even potential health risks. Most common is their expression of enthusiasm for the fact that they have gone from seldom riding to riding, often more than ever before.

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4. The addition of eBikes helps grow the sport
Just last year the British Mini Enduro series created an eBike specific racing category for their events. With the series recently gaining support from new sponsor Haibike, it could that the German brand is helping push the British series to catch up with the incredibly popular European enduro events such as Trans-Savoie and Enduro2. Of course it is not only in adding eBike classes to events that the electrical assistance is helping to expand the sport. As aforementioned, all rider’s that consider eBikes as a necessity due to their condition now become an important part of the sport. The older or formally prohibited riders who are now out riding at local trail centres are not only enjoying themselves but also putting their money into the sport and improving the experience for all.

5. A whole new kind of riding
When comes to riding an pedal assisted eBike, though the initial feeling may be of surprise and elation, it soon becomes apparent that there is more to experience than just blasting uphills on turbo. This is especially relevant when it comes to trail riding where ability to boost out of corners, into jumps with a quick pedal stroke opens up the rider’s capabilities to handle terrain and make up for momentum sapping mistakes. Uphill sections of trail become far more demanding and the need to look further ahead in order to avoid error becomes much more of a necessity, especially now the rider no longer has the need to get all the way over the front of the bike in attempt to increase pedal efficiency. With that in mind it could be said that eBikes should be considered as an entirely new form of cycling and in that sense comparing them to conventional cycling is a misnomer.

So while there may always be a minority of cyclists who like prefer to remain detracting from the world of eBikes, the tides are gradually beginning to turn and the inevitable advances technology are going to speed up that process.