Guided Rides

Our guided rides offer a great opportunity to experience the freedom provided by an e-bike whilst getting a taste of all that East Devon and surrounding areas have to offer.

Our guides are able to draw on a wealth of local knowledge, enabling us to provide a well-planned route suited to all capabilities.

The electric pedal assist technology will allow the group to cover much more ground and therefore, on the half or full day rides, offer the option to visit multiple areas if desired.

There is a choice of three lengths of ride:

E-Bike Blast – £30.00 per person

We aim to give a full e-bike experience during a shorter period of time.  Based around one location this ride can be from 2-3 hours riding time, depending on requirements. 12-20 miles

The Half Day Hack – £80.00 per person

Link up two local locations into one ride or alternatively, explore the ins and outs of a vast stretch of land such as Woodbury Common. Available in either a mountain biking or road riding format. Four hours of e-biking. 20-40 miles

Full Day Safari – £120.00 per person

Incorporating a lunch break, a full day will allow an amazing experience linking multiple locations over the ride. Again, this can could be in either a mountain or road biking format. 40-60 miles


Each package is designed for between 4 to 8 riders, call in advance to check current stock levels and ensure a demo bike.

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