Mid-Range E-MTB

The mid range E-MTB category offers adequately powered crank-driven systems from popular manufacturers such as Bosch & Yamaha. Perfect for trail use these bikes will offer plenty of off-road autonomy.

HALF DAY: 0900 – 1300 : £30.00

FULL DAY: 0900 – 1700 : £45.00

Mountain bike riding local to Bike-In

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Woodbury Common

Just a 15-20 minute cycle from the shop, Woodbury Common possesses a vast stretch of heath-land and scattered wood-lines. The vast majority of which are connect by natural and man made trails. The ground is made up predominantly of a sandy soil. This make the terrain ideal for traversing on an e-Mountain Bike.

Woodbury Common Heath 300x203 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

Woodbury Common Heathland situated at the top of the hill near the castle

Woodbury Common Yettington 300x191 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

A Plantation towards Yettington bellow the castle

East Hill Map 300x204 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

East Hill near Sidmouth

Another vast area rich in woodland and wildlife, East Hill features a network of paths and trails that stretch across the strip from the top of Sidmouth north toward Ottery.

A Plantation with with natural & man made trails situated at the lower down toward Yettington.

Haldon Map 300x185 - Electric Bikes & eBikes

Haldon Forest

Haldon Forest (20mins by car via the M5) is Exeter’s trail center and boasts a whole range of man-made trails. From blue to black they are suitable for riders of all abilities. Unlike Woodbury and East Hill, these trails are principally gravel surfaced and therefore offer an entirely different riding experience to that on the common land.

Note: all customers hiring must fill out a disclaimer form and present photo identification such as a passport or UK driver’s licence. A deposit of £100 is taken for the use of each Mid Range E-MTB bicycle. Please contact the shop to check for availability.